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cinema and home cinema systems.

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A home cinema is a home setup of electronically devices for the watching of movies, television shows etc. as one would be at the cinema. Often you will find a big flat screen television and a stereo surround sound system in a home cinema to reproduce cinema quality. The home cinema is also called home theater.  
Home cinema systems became popular in the 1950’s in the United States, when projectors first became affordable. Milestones like the videocassette player in the 90’s or the development of the DVD Player, and HD television made the home cinema what it is right now.
Today, you can find a home cinema in a personal home more and more often. Actually you can create a very nice home theater system for less than 5000 euro, and the price can go up to about 100,000 euro.

This web site will give you a short overview about home cinema’s, how they are typically configured, then gives you a short history about the topic, a glossary will help you clarify word definitions , and finally you will see a gallery of some home theater systems.



Home cinema system with a very big television screen.

For the smaller home - the picture is coming from a projector.