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Welcome to our information page about home
cinema and home cinema systems.

Typical Configuration

Nowadays, if we think of a home theater system, we usually associate it with the experiences we get when going to the movies. It therefore follows that the home cinema systems have higher than average components than a regular television set. Usually, a home cinema system consists of the following components:

  1. Input Devices -> audio and/ or video sources -> formats are high quality such as HDTV or Blue-ray; some home theaters systems include a home theater PC (act as library for audio and video content)
  2. Processing Devices -> AV receiver or preamplifier and sound processor (user selects input)
  3. Audio Output -> Speakers for complex surround sound; home cinema consists of at least two speakers but it can also have up to 10 with a subwoofer
  4. Video Output -> Display, usually in high definition-> can include LCD, video projector, Plasma screen, or even a traditional CRT television
  5. Atmosphere -> Seating and sound insulation -> comfortable seating to improve movie feeling and sound insulation to prevent noise from escaping room
Of course, it just depends on the individual how he would like to configure the home theater system.


Home cinema system with a very big television screen.

For the smaller home - the picture is coming from a projector.